As a somewhat creative person, I developed a love of theatre from an early age.  My favourite movies as a child were musicals such as The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Annie, Mary Poppins, all Disney movies, Shirley Temple movies, Pippi Longstocking, Grease, etc. I dreamt of being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and so when I outgrew dancing, I was one of the first people to join the newly established local youth theatre group at the age of 10.

Acting was my favourite extra-curricular activity – I absolutely loved being on stage and getting to dress up in different costumes and make-up.  So, when I was in 14 and too old for the youth theatre group I joined the Gulgong Musical and Dramatic Society (MADS).  I was the youngest member of MADS, so learnt a lot from the older, more experienced members who had been involved in theatre for years.  I started off as a curtain-puller for a one-act play, and worked my way up to getting the lead role in the last play I did in MADS when I was 17 – Little Nell of the Klondyke. Unfortunately, I had to leave the group when I moved away for uni, so I miss it a lot.

However, my love of theatre has not diminished.  In the last few years I have seen a number of university performances, as well as many of the big musicals in Sydney, such as Billy Elliot, Wicked, Mary Poppins and Annie.  One day, hopefully, I will have the time to get back onstage myself, but for now, I hope you enjoy my writing about it!

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